The Importance of a Great Logo Design

One of the vital steps in building a successful brand for your business is the company logo as this often forms the first impression of your company.

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After spending quality time researching and choosing a business name, the logo will be the piece that carves out a memorable part of your business in the customers mind once they start associating your company with the logo. Great logo design is more than just displaying your name in an appealing font.

They say people form an opinion of a company within the first few seconds.

Powerful logo design should be strong and balanced without clutter to distract from its message. The following are solid guidelines for inspiring logo design and your branding.

  • It should be distinctive and easy to spot at a glance.
  • The visuals and imagery should be appropriate for your company.
  • It should work in harmony with your company name.
  • Your logo should always be created using a legible font.
  • And finally, the logo should look great in black and white as well as color.

These are the basics. During the logo design process, every single part of the process should be carefully thought about and experimented with. For example, did you know that even the font that you choose can help customers form an opinion of the service they may receive at your company?

Color should also be a major decision regarding your logo. There are many color theories that prove that color can seriously affect the viewers’ desire, trust and willingness to use a particular business.

For example law and financial companies tend to favor strong powerful colors to project trust and stability. Natural health companies favor green to show the vibrant, earthy nature connection.

Choose a logo created by a professional designer like J-n-K Services, Inc – one that understands the important factors of logo design to fit you with a logo that works for your company and brand. You will be more likely to be remembered and recognized by your existing and potential customers and build confidence in buyers that they are choosing the business that is right for them.

If you require a logo or feel that your existing logo could do with a makeover from J-n-K Services, Inc., be sure to view our portfolio at or give us a call at (818) 505-8155

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